Which Toro Trimmer?

Helping You Find The Best Toro Trimmer To Suit Your Needs

Some of the Toro Trimmer range.

Which Toro Trimmer?

Choosing a Toro Trimmer that suits your needs mainly comes down to how you want to power it. Toro offers electric, gas and battery powered string trimmers depending on your trimming requirements.

Gas trimmers still produce the most power for cutting through thick weeds and tall grasses and are totally portable, but may be expensive to maintain.

Electric weed whackers are more environmentally friendly, but your are limited by how far you are from an electrical outlet. They could also be hazardous in wet weather.

Cordless strimmers are a good choice for portability and environmentally friendly cutting and tidying. These are a good choice for environment conscious consumers and people living in California and other states with tough federal regulations.

Safety First

When choosing your Toro trimmer, always think safety. Whipper snippers can cause stones and other small objects to fly through the air at high speed.

Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and keep your arms and legs covered. Some strimmers can also be very noisy and you may require some hearing protection, especially if you are cutting for long periods of time.

The Toro trimmer range of hedge and grass trimmers is made up from three main category types which are:

They include versatile features such as the cord lock system, bump feed and No-Tool Spool Replacement. Complete with their variable cutting widths, these trimmers can handle numerous lawncare tasks even on larger yards or gardens.

Electric Powered

Toro 51480 Trimmer

There are four different models of Toro electric trimmer. The 51347, 51358, 51480 and 51346.

Each one has a different cutting width ranging from 11” to 15” and motor sizes ranging from 3.5 amp to 4.4 amp.

All models come with a two year warranty to give you peace of mind with your purchase.

You can easily convert your weed whacker to an edger with the touch of a button and adjust the handle for control and comfort when you are cutting.

Gas Powered

Toro 51954 Trimmer

These machines are easy to use, well balanced and come with a three year warranty.

There are two models in the range which are the 51954 and 51974.

The 51954 is a 17” model with a 25.4cc dual cycle engine and curved shaft for comfort.

The 51974 is an 18” model with the same size of engine as the 51954, but the main difference is the extendable shaft which is not curved.

Cordless Battery Powered

Toro 51484 Trimmer

The Toro cordless trimmers are powerful, portable and very robust. They require virtually no maintenance apart from recharging the battery and come with a two year warranty.

They are quiet, clean and half the weight of their gas counterparts. There are three models in the range which are the 51467, 51484 and 51486.

The 51467 is an 8”, 12V model that is extremely lightweight at 6.4lbs making it easier to hold and cut with. The 51484 is a 12”, 20V model that both trims and edges. It also has a telescopic 14” shaft and weighs approximately 6.9lbs.

The 51487 is the most powerful cordless model and combines a 24V Lithium Ion Battery with a 12” cutting width. It has much the same specifications as the 51484 except that it weighs 8lbs.

What Consumers Think About Toro Trimmers

51346 - “Trims well for the price, but beware the plastic shaft”
51467 - “Pretty Good for Cordless”
51358 - “Good idea...poor design”